50èmes Journées de Statistique

EDF Lab Paris Saclay

28 mai - 1 juin 2018


Registrations are exclusively online.

General informations


Here are the deadlines for the JdS2018 registration:

  • January 31, 2018: start of registration
  • April 27, 2018: Deadline for reduced registration fees
  • May 14, 2018: closing of registrations

Important dates of the conference are available here.

Online registration

Registrations are exclusively online. You can also do it from the tools home page.

The practical information as well as the invoice and the RIB are sent to you by e-mail after reception of your registration via the form. Once again, please remember to include your billing address on the form. Finally, a certificate of attendance will be given to you upon your arrival at the JdS if you ask for it during your registration.

Warning ! We ask participants to inform us as soon as possible of any changes to the options of their registration sending an e-mail to .

Payment methods

Payment can be made:

  • directly online by credit card (Be careful to click on "continuer" once the bank has confirmed otherwise your registration will not be validated; if you closed the window before you press, do not complain but tell the conference organizers: ),
  • by bank transfer
    In this case, the elements (invoice, bank details of the SFdS account) allowing you to proceed to the payment of your registration will be included in the email received after validating your form.
  • by order form to send to Maud Imberty
    In this case, the elements (invoice, bank details of the SFdS account) allowing you to proceed to the payment of your registration will be included in the email received after validating your form. For payment by order form, the latter must:
  1. to must be made out to: STE FRANCAISE DE STATISTIQUE
  2. contain the registration reference (provided in the mail)
  3. PREFERABLY be sent by email to Maud Imberty () with email subject: [Bon de commande JdS2018]
    OR: to be sent by ordinary mail to:
    Mme Maud Imberty
    7, boulevard Gaspard Monge
    91120 Palaiseau


Registration fees

  until 27/04 from 28/04
Student, retired, jobseeker and member of an institution from a developing country 120 € 150 €
Member of the SFdS or a partner association (SMAI, SMF, Femmes & mathématiques, SFC) 250 € 320 €
Other participant 300 € 380 €
Non-SFdS members can join the SFdS (details here ) before the registration to the JdS to take advantage of the reduced registration fee. The registration fees for the Statistics Days include:
  • participation in scientific sessions and software demonstrations;
  • the proceedings of the (dematerialized) days;
  • the social program on Wednesday afternoon;
  • the gala dinner (Wednesday evening);
  • coffee breaks;
  • the welcome cocktail.


Throughout the conference, it is possible to have lunch on site. Lunch reservations are made in the online registration form.
Price for a meal: 15 €
Single price to add to the registration fee. Lunch will be served in the corporate restaurant next to the conference building. If you want a vegetarian meal, please check the box at the time of your registration.


Will you use the shuttle set up by the JdS from Paris (Porte d'Orléans) to the Saclay site? (Your answers will allow us to size the shuttles).
More information here.

  • Monday morning
  • Tuesday morning
  • Wednesday morning
  • Thursday morning
  • Friday morning
  • Monday evening
  • Tuesday evening
  • Thursday night
  • Friday night

Wednesday afternoon social activities

The following activities are proposed. Please choose 2 (priority 1 and 2). Some activities are limited in number of places. You can discover a brief description of the activities on the JDS website:

People accompanied

People accompanying the speakers can participate in social activities and the Wednesday gala dinner. The registration and the number are to be validated in the registration form.
Activity registration and gala dinner for a companion: 140€

Terms of cancelation

The reimbursement of registration fees will be possible upon written request made by email to [retd-jds2018@edf.fr] () before April 27, 2018 and will give rise to a deduction of 100 €. No refunds will be made after this date.

Translation of each form field

  • Information participant -> Participants information
  • Nom et Prénom -> Last name and first name
  • Affiliation (utilisée pour badge de conférence) -> Affiliation (used for conference badge)
  • Adresse de facturation -> Billing address
  • Code postal -> zip
  • Ville -> City
  • Pays -> Country
  • Téléphone -> Phone
  • Fax -> Fax
  • Frais d'inscription -> Registration fees
  • Normal (300 euros et 380 euros après majoration) -> Standard (300 euros and 380 euros after markup)
  • Membre de la SFdS ou d'une association partenaire (SMAI, SMF, Femme & Mathématiques, SFC) (250 euros et 320 euros après majoration) -> Member of the SFdS or a partner association (SMAI, SMF, Woman & Mathematics, SFC) (250 euros and 320 euros after mark-up)
  • Étudiant, retraité, demandeur d'emploi et membre d'une institution d'un pays en voie de développement (120 euros et 150 euros après majoration) -> Student, retired, jobseeker and member of an institution in a developing country (120 euros and 150 euros after mark-up)
  • Exonéré (0 euros) -> Exempt (0 euros)
  • Code exonération (lorsque coché la case "Exonéré") -> Exemption Code (when ticked "Exempt" box)
  • Nombre d'accompagnants (140 euros par personne) -> Number of accompanying persons (140 euros per person)
  • Repas et Cocktail -> Meal and Cocktail
  • Lundi midi -> Monday noon
  • Mardi midi -> Tuesday noon
  • Mercredi midi -> Wednesday noon
  • Jeudi midi -> Thursday noon
  • Vendredi midi -> Friday noon
  • Présence au cocktail de bienvenu du lundi soir (inclus) -> Attendance at the Monday evening welcome cocktail (included)
  • Présence au dîner de gala du mercredi soir (inclus) -> Attend Wednesday evening Gala dinner (included)
  • Activités sociales (inclus dans inscription) -> Social activities (included in registration)
  • Choisir au maximum 2 activités sociales dans l'ordre de préférence -> Choose up to 2 social activities in order of preference
  • Activité sportive : Balade en VTT -> Sport activity: ATV ride
  • Visite culturelle : Visite guidée de l’Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay -> Cultural tour: Guided tour of the Abbey of Vaux de Cernay
  • Visite culturelle et ludique : Visite insolite de Paris : Paris Criminel -> Cultural and fun tour: Unusual tour of Paris: Paris Criminel
  • Visite culturelle : Promenade Street Art dans le 13eme arrondissement -> Cultural tour: Street Art Promenade in the 13th arrondissement
  • Visite culturelle : Visite bucolique de Paris : les rues de Montmartre -> Cultural tour: Bucolic visit of Paris: the streets of Montmartre
  • Visite culturelle : Visite de la Sainte-Chapelle et de la Conciergerie -> Cultural tour: Visit of the Sainte-Chapelle and the Conciergerie
  • Activité ludique : Escape game -> Fun activity: Escape game
  • Visite industrielle : Synchrotron -> Industrial tour: Synchrotron
  • Questions supplémentaires -> Additional questions
  • Je demande une attestation de participation -> I request a certificate of participation
  • Je présente une communication -> I present a communication
  • J'accepte que mes coordonnées soient transmises aux partenaires de la SFdS -> I agree that my details will be sent to SFdS partners
  • Mangez-vous végétarien ? -> Do you eat vegetarian?
  • Navette lundi matin -> Shuttle bus Monday morning
  • Navette lundi soir -> Shuttle bus Monday evening
  • Navette mardi matin -> Shuttle bus Tuesday morning
  • Navette mardi soir -> Shuttle bus Tuesday evening
  • Navette mercredi matin -> Shuttle bus Wednesday morning
  • Navette jeudi matin -> Shuttle bus Thursday morning
  • Navette jeudi soir -> Shuttle bus Thursday evening
  • Navette vendredi matin -> Shuttle bus Friday morning
  • Navette vendredi soir -> Shuttle bus Friday evening